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Our entrepreneurs are disrupting established industries. As an extension of their teams, we are here to open doors for them and bring best-in-class products to untapped markets.


OnSky Health

OnSky Health, a MedTech and connected-health startup, was founded by Hung Nguyen and a team of talented engineers and scientists. They are the industry’s first and only turnkey Virtual Care and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution for the aging population that offers contactless health monitoring and urgency alerts. OnSky’s HaaS/SaaS platform, SkyPad™, tracks a user’s vital signs and sleep patterns, detecting possible life-threatening conditions. 

We were immediately impressed by OnSky’s team and bought several SkyPads for our families. This advanced technology will change the future of healthcare, giving consumers peace of mind and access to reliable data to care for their loved ones.

Our Unicorns

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